We work every day to offer our customers the best variety of olives and pickles, transmitting their artisan essence at all levels of production.

We strive to achieve optimum quality in all our products, taking care of every detail so that our customers can enjoy the true flavour of the olives and pickles of our land.

In each bottle you will find the taste of the Mediterranean tradition transmitted for years in our family of artisans.

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Who are we?

Encurtidos Murcianos is a small family business located in Fuente Librilla, a village of 1000 inhabitants situated near the natural park of Sierra Espuña.

In this area of dry climate, with cold winters and arid summers, dry farming has been developed for centuries, based mainly on olive and almond trees, to which is added the harvesting of wild plants, such as the tapenera.

Various natural methods were used to preserve these foods, including pickling, and, due to their characteristics, the most typical was to pickle the olives and the fruits of the tapenera, thus obtaining a tasty product that would last over time.

This is the century-old tradition from which we built our company, making the dream of showing the world part of the culture and craftsmanship of our region come true.

So we have been offering our products in Spain and abroad for almost 20 years, working every day to improve our means, our production, but without giving up our identity of artisan tradition.

Gourmet Line

For our Gourmet Line, we choose the highest quality products, rigorously selecting only the best olives and the most exceptional pickles, thus ensuring an exclusive and traditional flavour. All this, together with a careful presentation, makes our Gourmet Line a unique product.

Alimentation Line

In our Alimentation Line we offer the quality of our products at the best price, combining the best selection of raw materials with a practical format.

Our Distributors


  • Dufry European Airport Shops
  • E. Leclerc shopping centres
  • "La Despensa" Supermarkets
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  • Corte Inglés Gourmet Club
  • Eroski shopping centres
  • Family Cash
  • Germany

  • Prendes GmbH & Co shops
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